KM_AvvoExperience.  Drive.  Dedication.  Attorneys Jose Klein and Damien Munsinger have represented individuals, businesses of all sizes, universities and government agencies in labor and employment matters.  As individuals, they have tried cases in state and federal court, sat at the collective bargaining table, and negotiated successful resolutions for their clients.  Together, they are steadfast and resolute advocates driven to deliver strong results.

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Practice Areas

Have you been treated differently at work because of your race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age, or because you are pregnant or served in the armed forces?

Have you been subject to unwanted touching, sexual advancements or comments at work, or does your workplace tolerate inappropriate conduct that makes your workplace feel hostile?

Have you complained about this conduct or pointed out potential violations of the law to your supervisor or employer, and been treated differently because of it?

Klein Munsinger LLC specializes in these types of law:

  • Employment Law
    • Sexual harassment
    • Workplace discrimination
    • Lawsuits and other litigation
    • Advice
    • Compliance reviews
    • Non-competition agreements
    • Executive compensation
    • Handbook drafting and review
    • Employment Investigations
  • Civil Rights Law
  • Labor Law
    • Grievance arbitrations
    • Unfair labor practices
  • Higher Education Law
    • Employment disputes
    • Title IX disputes


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