Workplace retaliation occurs when your manager, supervisor, or employer takes action against you because you have engaged in protected activity, like reporting harassment or misconduct to HR, or reporting illegal actions to a government agency. Retaliation can take many forms, including ostracism, demotion, denying promotions, denying training or advancement opportunities, and termination or firing.

You may be protected from retaliation in the workplace for any of the following protected actions:

  • Reporting illegal conduct to a government agency
  • Reporting sexual harassment
  • Making an HR complaint
  • Reporting a safety hazard
  • Filing for workers’ compensation
  • Taking protected family leave
  • Taking protected pregnancy leave
  • Taking protected sick leave
  • Participating in an investigation
  • Seeking disability accommodations
  • Seeking religious accommodations
  • Seeking help for domestic violence
  • Taking leave for reasons related to sexual assault or stalking
  • Taking leave for military service
  • Taking leave to donate bone marrow
  • Testifying in a workers’ compensation hearing
  • Testifying in an employment department hearing
  • Serving jury duty
  • Serving in the legislature
  • Using tobacco products while off duty

If you’ve experienced adverse treatment at work because of any of your protected actions, you may have a retaliation claim. You can schedule a call with Klein Munsinger or complete this short form and we will contact you.