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Our goal is to make the process of getting the justice you deserve as uncomplicated as possible. While every legal matter is different, the overall process is very similar from case to case. Here's the path many employment law cases go and what to expect at each step.

No Obligation Case Review

Your legal matter starts with the no obligation free case review. A member of our team will speak with you to determine if your case meets the criteria necessary for us to take on your case. If it does and you decide to have us represent you, you'll sign a fee agreement and we'll begin work on your case.

Pre-Litigation Settlement Demand

While we are always prepared to go to court, we want to avoid it where possible to save you the stress of a long court battle. Your Klein Munsinger attorney will prepare a demand letter to the employer with information about what happened and how the law was broken. If the employer agrees to settle, then a mediation meeting will be scheduled and we'll work with your employer to get you just compensation for the wrong you suffered.

Complaint Filling and Lawsuit

If the employer declines, then your Klein Munsinger attorney will file a Complaint with the Court to formally start the lawsuit process. 

Discovery Process

At this stage of the process, your Klein Munsinger attorney will send a list of questions requesting documentation about what happened and will interview witnesses. You'll also be required to share information you have and send it to the other side. 


Sometimes after Discoveries, the employer will request to settle the case with you. If the terms are just, we'll work with the employer to settle the case outside of court. But if not, we'll move to the trial stage. 


At trial, you and your Klein Munsinger attorney will go to court to present your case that the employer broke the law and you deserved justice. If you win, you will get validation and compensation for the wrong you suffered in the form of Damages that the other side has to pay. 

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