Workplace Investigations

Klein Munsinger attorneys have conducted investigations for large corporations, small business, and public entities. Our team brings experience you can trust, results you can rely upon, and expertise to help mitigate risks and improve practices going forward.

Credibility is key. To be worthwhile, a workplace investigator has to be able to conduct a thorough, unbiased, and honest investigation. Klein Munsinger attorneys are able to bring empathy and insight to any witness interview, and aim to create trust so the truth can be discovered.

Results matter. Having worked in the public and private and sector, and having represented government entities and private employers in labor and employment matters, a Klein Munsinger investigation uses experience and subject-matter expertise to deliver results you can trust and conclusions you can rely on.

Unbiased advice. A workplace dispute or allegation can be tremendously disruptive to any work environment, and distrust and resentment can quickly fester. An untrustworthy investigation that thinly varnishes the truth can make a difficult situation worse and push potential liability through the roof. Klein Munsinger attorneys always offer unbiased advice so employers can make informed decisions about how to proceed. A problem left untended or unacknowledged can smolder into a massive problem. You can depend on Klein Munsinger to give you the unbiased information employers need to stay ahead of a problem.

If you are in need of a workplace investigation conducted with integrity and delivering results you can trust, call 503-568-1078 or email today. Or click here now to schedule a free investigation intake with a Klein Munsinger attorney.