Damien Munsinger


Damien has represented and advised individuals, universities, small and large companies, and public entities on a wide range of issues including all types of employment discrimination, whistleblower and other types of retaliation, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, Title IX compliance, and all types of employment-related adjudication, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

As the former founder of a successful small business, Damien brings a particular understanding of clients’ concerns into his legal practice. An accomplished litigator who thrives in the courtroom, Damien’s experience provides the building blocks to communicate his clients’ arguments in a strong, clear and concise manner. Inside and outside the courtroom, Damien excels in providing strategic, efficient, and effective advocacy.


Before joining Klein Munsinger LLC, Damien was an attorney at Barran Liebman LLP, and also represented the State of Oregon as an Honors Attorney at the Oregon Department of Justice, litigating dozens of cases in state and federal courts. Damien also served as Special Assistant to Oregon’s Attorney General, where he specialized in outreach and coordination with citizens, elected officials, policy, civic and business leaders, and media outlets. Damien earned his J.D. from Lewis & Clark Law School and his B.F.A. from New York University.

Damien regularly provides trainings and talks on a wide range of employment-related topics, and has taught at Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling in Portland and at Willamette University’s College of Law in Salem.


  • Tried a race discrimination claim in state court.
  • Tried a government class-action wage and hour claim in federal court.
  • Prevailed at oral argument in civil rights case with constitutional claims before Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Successfully mediated numerous joint employment, wrongful termination, and discrimination claims.
  • Resolved misappropriation of trade secrets, violation of non-competition agreements, discrimination, and other claims through successful negotiation of favorable settlements.


  • Oregon Women Lawyers
  • Oregon Asian Pacific American Bar Association
  • Oregon State Bar: Civil Rights Section Executive Committee
  • Legal Heritage Committee
  • Labor and Employment Section
  • Litigation Section
  • Sustainable Futures Section
  • Federal Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • Northwest Association of Title IX Administrators
  • Oregon State Bar House of Delegates
  • The City Club of Portland Friday Forum Committee
  • Multnomah Bar Association
  • Equality and Diversity Committee LSAT Scholarship Subcommittee


  • Oregon Super Lawyers Magazine: Rising Star
  • SAFE of Columbia County Service Award
  • Oregon Department of Justice Excellence in Justice Award
  • Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force: Title IX Campus Investigation and Adjudication Training Program Graduate
  • Business for Culture and the Arts, Art of Leadership Program Graduate
  • American Bar Association: National Trial Advocacy Competition “Perfect Round” Award
  • Lewis and Clark Appellate Advocacy Moot Court Competition: “Best Oral Advocate” Award


  • Barran Liebman Breakfast Seminar: “A Shark-Filled Moat: Restrictive Covenants Done Right,” Presenter (5/2/2017)
  • Oregon Science Startup Forum: “Legal Issues Panel,” Panelist (4/22/17)
  • Clackamas Community College Lecture: “Employment Law Essentials & Legal Update,” Presenter (4/19/17)
  • North Clackamas Chamber Women in Leadership and Management Academy: “Employment Law Essentials,” Presenter (2/16/17)
  • Vision Action Network December Info Session: “New Federal Overtime Rules,” Presenter (12/14/16)
  • 2016 Oregon Public Employer Labor Relations Association (ORPELRA) Annual Conference: “Cognitive and Implicit Bias,” Presenter (11/4/16)
  • Associate of Corporate Counsel CLE: “Drafting, Enforcing and Defending Restrictive Covenants,” Presenter (10/12/16)
  • Barran Liebman Annual Seminar: “Overtime in Overdrive: “New Regulations Geared to Impact Millions of Workers,” Presenter (10/6/16)
  • Oregon County Counsel Association Summer Conference 2016: “Cognitive and Implicit Bias in Decision Making,” Presenter (7/20/16)
  • Portland Metro Payroll Association Meeting: “Legislative Update,” Presenter (5/18/16)
  • American Chemistry Society Oregon Science Startup Forum: “Employment Law Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them,” Presenter (4/16/16)
  • Private Client Training: “Employment Law Essentials,” Presenter (11/19/15)
  • Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services 2015 Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference: “Untangling the Legal Web of Workers’ Comp Leave, FMLA,OFLA, and the ADA,” Presenter (11/6/15)
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  • Oregon County Counsel Association Summer Conference: “Technology and Employment in the Public Sector,” Presenter (7/23/15)
  • National Electrical Contractors Association Oregon Chapter: “Technology in the Workplace,” Presenter (3/25/15)
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